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Our Medical Partners in Switzerland

We offer you access to the most reputable university professors within the best health institutions and university clinics that Switzerland has to offer, for specific health treatments, rehabilitation, second opinion in medical problems or periodic health checks. The following clinics are examples of clinics we are working with.

Genolier Clinic
Genolier clinic offers outstanding natural surroundings combined with high-quality and state of the art technology, providing the best specialists in surgery, with more than 25 years of experience. Specialised in detailed examination, visceral surgery and oncology.
Clinic Biotonus
As a supreme Swiss Hotel Clinic they care about your cosiness and wellness. They are located in the city of Montreux at the Swiss riviera on the lake Geneva. They offer a non-Hospital atmosphere with relaxation including a wide range of medical treatments, weight losing and obesity treatment, stress and depression treatment.
La Prairie Clinic
CLP Clinic is a pioneer of the anti-aging and revitalisation injection therapy (white cells extracted from ovine livers). The treatments are taking place in own laboratories under the guide of the world first class doctors. The clinic is a 5 star hospital infrastructure located at the lake of Geneva.
Laclinic pursues a unique artwork of plastic and cosmetic surgery to consider beauty as a search for physical perfection. The surgeons are considered artists rather than doctors. They are dedicated to beauty refinement and perfect appearance. The plastic surgery centre gives you a chance to look how you want. They are located in Montreux about 40 min. by train from Geneva City.
Cecil Private Hospital
Cecil private hospital is a full scale private hospital, fully equipped for common medical treatments and specialized in general medicine disorder. The specialized Swiss top doctors are operating in six state of the art operating rooms. The field of expertise covers cardiac surgery, neurology, allergies, gynecology, spine surgery, etc.
Lemana Clinic
This clinic is specialised in anti-aging revitalization injection therapy at lower costs. The small clinic is located inside the Royal Plaza International Hotel in Montreux.
Riviera Plastic Surgery Center
Riviera Plastic Surgery Centre is currently ranked as one of the most advanced plastic surgery practice centres in Europe. A highly trained staff works to ensure that your experience will exceeds your expectations.
Gene Predictis Clinic
At Gene Predictis Clinic they use cutting edge technology that allows you to detect future diseases before they strike. We provide you with a generic profiling program analysis, to provide you with individual treatments.
Mirador Dentistry Clinic
Mirador dentistry clinic is one of the most advanced and distinguished dentistry centre of Europe. Complete dental care packages during your holidays at the idyllic and luxurious surroundings of Le Mirador are offered to you. The clinic provides the newest technology in beauty and functional care.
Checkup Center Zürich
At the Checkup Center in Zurich we understand the growing daily demands of professional and private life. A perfect state of health and personal well-being are important to be successful. They will compose and provide a compressive profile of your general state of health and give individual and comprehensive medical advice. The final goal is to establish individual diagnostics including risk profiling to show you how to maintain your good health for the next decades.